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Luke Chapman

Star Wars Destiny is my first adventure in card games, and have never looked back. I started playing just after the release of Empire at War. I mainly swing towards villain when deck building. My highest finish was was at the recent GQs, which I finished 2nd overall!



"I've been playing Destiny since the Awakenings cycle... During that time I've mostly ran aggro decks with a personal highlight being my regional win with my Dooku / Talzin deck that was roughly two years in the making!"




"I’ve been playing since the Spirit of Rebellion cycle, successfully piloting the likes of Rey/Aayla at both the Nationals and Europeans. With the release of General Leia, I made the decision to convert to the one true way of playing destiny (the dark side of mill!), piloting Leia/Lando at the GQs for my first tournament win”



I've been playing since the awakenings cycle and during that time have piloted a number of decks to success at store championships, regionals and GQs. My victory at the Stockton regional in 2018 was with a Rieekan, Yoda, Jedha Partisan mill deck. I get a bit of stick from the lads for sometimes 'net decking' but it does make me a more 'flexible' player when choosing what to play!

Honorary members: Ryan Andrew, Greg Carter, Sam Smith, Jonathan Moss, steve eyre

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